Cabinets in Palm Desert

Installing Cabinets in Palm Desert

Residents of Palm Desert are ways finding new and innovative ways to improve their homes. Taking on projects in the kitchen such as installing cabinets in Palm Desert will not only breathe new life into the home but also give a fresh, enhanced look. JCD Construction provides essential tips when taking on the new home venture.

Step 1: Hire a Contractor
While you may be able to read or view online the instructions regarding installing new cabinets, it is always best to hire a contractor. The professional help will have all of the necessary knowledge that is needed to not only perform the project but also give it a nice finish look. As with all contractors, you will need to perform the necessary background check on your contractor. Reviewing includes reading the online reviews, asking for referrals, and also seeing if the person is certified and licensed. Before you start any project, including a kitchen, remodel, you will need to have everything in writing. This will eliminate any confusion in regards to what you want to be performed at your house.

Step 2: Always Follow Your Cabinet Instructions
As with any project, some instructions will come with your new cabinets. Do not start by automatically performing demolition on your previous cabinets or shelves. Most manufacturers will recommend that you start out by finding the high spot which the previous components can help you establish as they are already installed and should be equal. After you make your mark of significance, you can now take down the previous cabinets and begin installing. The first recommended tip is to start with the corner and highest cabinets first as they can help keep things level.

Step 3: Make sure not to cause any damage when removing old components
You will want to take extra precaution when demolishing or removing old cabinets as they may cause potential damage to the wall making it harder for the new project.

Step 4: Ensure That There is Enough Support For Your New Cabinets
If you have bypassed the other tips in this article, when you get to this step of the installation process, you will realize that this is truly a two person project (Make sure to bring in a contractor). When putting in the actual cabinet, you will be able to have the additional help keep the component still as you nail into the wall. For the real assembly support itself, you should get a ledger board to help keep everything aligned. Once you are finished, you will be able to remove the ledger board.

Installing cabinets is just one of the many things Coachella Valley Construction brings to the table. With over twenty years experience, taking a project of this magnitude will be an easy task for us. Contact our specialist today to learn how we can assist with your kitchen cabinet installation.

Kitchen Remodels in Cathedral City

A Swanky Kitchen Remodel in Cathedral City

Located in the beautiful Coachella Valley, Cathedral City is known for having multiple options for beautiful homes. One of the potential ways to upgrade homes is to initiate a kitchen remodel in Cathedral City. JCD Construction provides a list of possible options for you to consider.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel in Cathedral City, consider trying something new such as hardwood flooring instead of tile. Most homeowners would rather use the stained wood not only because of the look and feel but also how easy it is to clean. The type of floor that you use can also contribute to the overall house due to the changing of the rooms. It appeals to the eye much more when you can walk across the same type of floor. The contractor that you select to use for your project will be able to provide a list of options when choosing the type of floor you wish to use.

Sometimes the countertop that we would like to install can run a few extra dollars than what we want to spend. Consider trying Carrara marble if you wish for your house to have an upgraded look without the full marble price. Aside from marble, you could also use vinyl, bamboo, cork, and linoleum as an option.

Instead of re-painting your wall, you should try using texture when using any form of a pattern. You can add texture to anywhere in the kitchen from the cabinets to the countertops. Having texture also adds options for the new color to your home as well.

Sometimes there is just not enough space to hold and maintain all of your cooking materials. Consider buying a wine storage cooler or adding additional shelves to create the needed room. The home contractor that you hire to assist you will help to install the shelves that you choose at a reasonable height.

One of the best projects to try with your kitchen is to add additional storage to your room. Whether you are demolishing or adding on, storage is very essential as you need to be able to hold your kitchen materials. Consult your contractor when you want to add on as the storage may potentially require the reworking of the established wiring in your household.

Remodeling in Cathedral City can be just as rewarding as living in the city. You should always bring on a contractor for projects of this magnitude as you will need to ensure your home is still in alliance with the city. Coachella Valley Construction has over twenty years experience in the home remodeling business and is prepared to turn your kitchen dream into a spectacular reality. Contact us today so that our team can be part of your remodel team.

Kitchen Remodels in Palm Springs

Designer Kitchen Remodel Palm Springs

The city of Palm Springs is known for the constant sun and beautiful weather. The residents take great pride in inhabiting the city and maintaining beautiful homes. While there are many projects you can start to complement your home, the best starter projects begin in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodel in Palm Springs, call JCD construction.

Sometimes during the early stages of a kitchen remodel in Palm Springs, homeowners run the risk of becoming overwhelmed and choosing too many things to do at once instead of analyzing. During the first stage, you should measure the entire kitchen first to see what can fit. If you are leaving items such as cabinets or counters, you will need to accurately the dimensions of each item so that you know what new items can be moved in. Since you are remodeling your kitchen, you should know what license or permit is necessary before beginning the process. You should seek the assistance of a contractor as they will help lay the project out and discuss what needs to be done.

When you shop for your new appliance, you will be met with various choices. You should try to spread your money out into the actual concept and not just one component like a new stove. The focal point of the kitchen should be the color or structure. Before you purchase any new items for your kitchen, you should read all of the customer reviews to see what others are saying about the appliance. If the store gives you the option, you should try to demo the product to see if the product is easy to use.

You need to select the right contractor to assist in the project. The last thing you need to happen is for something to not operate correctly after you have put a lot of time and money into the project. Keep in mind that all contractors will have different prices; however, you need to select the contractor that provides the highest quality of work. This rule applies to both the contractor and appliances as appliances can also easily break down if you choose cheap quality.

When you begin building out your new kitchen, you have to remember to factor in storage for your materials such as pots and pans. As time has evolved, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to what storage works best for your kitchen. If you do not want to install new cabinets, you should consider shelves as they may also contribute to the overall look that you are trying to attain.

With over twenty years in the remodeling industry, Coachella Valley Construction is honored when customers select us to execute their projects. With our teams servicing Palm Springs and its local community, our team has extensive capabilities to help ensure your needs at met. We will work hard to make sure that not only is the project distributed correctly, but also help in successfully building out the kitchen. Make sure to visit our site now to view more of our services and contact us today to learn how we can assist with any issues related to kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling for Palm Desert

In Palm Desert, homeowners are tasked with maintaining their homes in a beautiful city. One of the potential ways to upgrade homes is to initiate a kitchen remodel. Coachella Valley Construction provides the essential projects to choose from when starting your project.

Change out your flooring.

Just because the typical home has tile for kitchen flooring doesn’t mean you can experiment and try something new. According to a report, the 2013 Home Features Survey from the National Association of Realtors ®; it was estimated that more homeowners want hardwood floors installed compared to the standard. Hardwood floors are said to help create a better continuance for the overall home. The level design will contribute to transition the kitchen into the next room when matching.

Try a different pattern for your countertop

While marble countertops are highly recommended, they can be very expensive; however, there are choices. Carrara marble is a top choice because of its style and price. If you do not want to change out your countertops completely, you can also enhance your selection by painting. Other texture additions include bamboo, vinyl, cork, and linoleum, One of the last options you can choose is ceramic tile. Having this option allows you to clean much easier than some of the other options

Give your wall a splash by adding a backdrop

While painting is the go-to to enhance a wall, you should also consider adding some form of texture such as tile. If you decide to add tile, you should consider matching the other elements in your kitchen such as the cabinets, and countertops. While you may not want to add your new texture to everything, the new addition allows you to consider other color enhancements.

Add additional storage to your kitchen.

Sometimes there is just not enough space to hold and maintain all of your cooking materials. Consider buying a wine storage cooler or adding additional shelves to create the needed room. The home contractor that you hire to assist you will help to install the shelves that you choose at a reasonable height.

Rearrange your kitchen with a better flow in my mind.

Some of the most simple changes include changing the height of the countertops along with the cabinets. As said before, you should consult a contractor in this situation as they will be able to hire the necessary help to assist in the building and potential re-wiring.

There are multiple options for the home kitchen remodel. When taking a project of this scale on, you should always hire a contractor as you may need help with securing necessary permits. Coachella Valley Construction has over twenty years experience in assisting in these type of projects. Our main goal is to ensure that your kitchen comes out better than your original vision. Contact us today so that we can make your dream a reality.

Custom Cabinets in Palm Desert

How to Choose Custom Cabinets in Palm Desert

Apart from its function, custom cabinets in Palm Desert housing complete the entire look of your kitchen. Having a well-appointed kitchen area can turn your plain cooking zone into a functional and aesthetically appealing area. Make your dream kitchen come true with a splash of creativity and imagination. Having your custom cabinets in Palm Desert designed can turn your once boring kitchen area into a lively and trendy room where you can have a cup of coffee with your closest friends.

You can customize cabinets to suit your unique personality or to enhance the lively theme of your dining area further; there are a plethora of trendy and functional designs that you can choose. Personalized storages lend that sophisticated and unique design ability that can increase the resell value of your home. Going beyond the usual earth tone colors for this part of your room is the trend nowadays. People make use of vibrant colors to express themselves or to show their personality. Adding colorful hues and designs to your cabinets is like creating and adding a signature flare to your home. There are several ways for you to choose your color.

  • Trends

There are several kitchen trends nowadays that will make you feel like you are entering into a bed and breakfast where you can have that long overdue sojourn. From the combination of whites and off whites, earth tones, vibrant green colors, cool blue hues, to sophisticated gray palettes.

  • Wood Type

The natural texture of hardwood lends warmer and more pleasant vibes compared to kitchens dominated by stainless steel and glass. The imperfect surfaces of woods emanate a rustic charm that can be further accentuated with glaze and stains. When wood is exposed to light, its appearance can change over time, giving your kitchen an entirely new look.

wood island with custom cabinets

  • Finishes

From glaze to stain paint, this simple finishing touch will further enhance the vibe and look that you’re aiming to achieve. Details such as these enhance the natural beauty of the wood, and there are an amazing array of stain finishes and glazes to choose from!

  • Finishing Touches

You may think that these small detailed carvings will be left unnoticed, but these minute details of the hardwood lend a unique charm that completes the entire look of your personalized cabinets. You can even make yours look rustic and vintage!

  • Hardware

Hardware is like that of stunning diamond earrings that complement your evening gown. This small accessory further enhances the style of your custom dining area project. You can choose to use knobs pulls, or maybe try both for that unique character!

  • Embellishments

The embellishments are a combination of your entire personality. From the legs and feet, moldings, corbels, and decorative accents- you can make everything your own.

The trend in cabinet styles nowadays does not adhere to a rule; you can stylize as far as your personality dictates. JCD construction will make your personalized remodeling project a centerpiece in your kitchen. If you want to appoint your kitchen with custom cabinets in palm desert, give us a call, and we will help materialize your vision.

The 5 Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Hey! We’ve seen a lot of client work in our 20yrs of business. A lot of good work and a lot of well…….not so good kitchen remodeling work. We wanted to put together a list of the most common mistakes we’ve seen our clients and customers make when looking to do a kitchen remodeling project. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories, unfortunately, bad kitchen remodels are pretty frequent. Often times we visualize the end result of our fantasy kitchen. How it actually turns out doesn’t always match up. Anyway, let’s get to it…


  • Attempting to be your own general contractor. – I’ll be straight forward here. Unless you really know what you’re doing, leave it to the professionals. What many people don’t realize is that a kitchen remodeling project is one of the most difficult and complex projects you can take on. Getting feedback from licensed professional contractors is not only high valuable but in many states throughout the country necessary by law.
  • Hiring an unlicensed general contractor because they’re the cheapest. Never hire an unlicensed contractor, ill repeat it again, never hire an unlicensed general contractor. They’re cheap and unlicensed because of a reason. You’ll be kicking yourself down the road when issues and problems come up and the contractor is nowhere to be found.
  • Putting together a job for contractors to bid out without enough specifications – The typical reason why remodeling jobs go over budget is either because the individual who put the job details together didn’t give enough specification. Be is detailed as possible. I’m talking down to the nitty gritty. Everything from the specific type of flooring the exact marble countertop, brand of recessed lights and even hardware for the cabinets if you know it already. This will drastically increase your changes of getting the most accurate bid upfront and not getting into issues and challenges with pricing and going over budget half way into the project.
  • Payment in advance – You wouldn’t believe how many people are willing to fork over thousands of dollars and nearly half of life savings to a near complete stranger.  As a general rule of thumb, never but a deposit down or pay upfront more than 25% of the project cost.
  • Create an absolute must have list and stick to it – Ever heard of shiny object syndrome? It’s where the next best shiny things comes along and you feel compelled to buy it because you’ve been convinced the the latest and greatest. Don’t deviate from your compiled wishlist. If you do, you will run into budget and time constraints and often your project will be completed late.

And there you have it folks. The 5 most common mistakes people make with planning and executing a kitchen remodel project. We’ll keep you posted on more tips like these in the near future!