Kitchen Remodeling for Palm Desert

In Palm Desert, homeowners are tasked with maintaining their homes in a beautiful city. One of the potential ways to upgrade homes is to initiate a kitchen remodel. Coachella Valley Construction provides the essential projects to choose from when starting your project.

Change out your flooring.

Just because the typical home has tile for kitchen flooring doesn’t mean you can experiment and try something new. According to a report, the 2013 Home Features Survey from the National Association of Realtors ®; it was estimated that more homeowners want hardwood floors installed compared to the standard. Hardwood floors are said to help create a better continuance for the overall home. The level design will contribute to transition the kitchen into the next room when matching.

Try a different pattern for your countertop

While marble countertops are highly recommended, they can be very expensive; however, there are choices. Carrara marble is a top choice because of its style and price. If you do not want to change out your countertops completely, you can also enhance your selection by painting. Other texture additions include bamboo, vinyl, cork, and linoleum, One of the last options you can choose is ceramic tile. Having this option allows you to clean much easier than some of the other options

Give your wall a splash by adding a backdrop

While painting is the go-to to enhance a wall, you should also consider adding some form of texture such as tile. If you decide to add tile, you should consider matching the other elements in your kitchen such as the cabinets, and countertops. While you may not want to add your new texture to everything, the new addition allows you to consider other color enhancements.

Add additional storage to your kitchen.

Sometimes there is just not enough space to hold and maintain all of your cooking materials. Consider buying a wine storage cooler or adding additional shelves to create the needed room. The home contractor that you hire to assist you will help to install the shelves that you choose at a reasonable height.

Rearrange your kitchen with a better flow in my mind.

Some of the most simple changes include changing the height of the countertops along with the cabinets. As said before, you should consult a contractor in this situation as they will be able to hire the necessary help to assist in the building and potential re-wiring.

There are multiple options for the home kitchen remodel. When taking a project of this scale on, you should always hire a contractor as you may need help with securing necessary permits. Coachella Valley Construction has over twenty years experience in assisting in these type of projects. Our main goal is to ensure that your kitchen comes out better than your original vision. Contact us today so that we can make your dream a reality.