Cabinets in Palm Desert

Installing Cabinets in Palm Desert

Residents of Palm Desert are ways finding new and innovative ways to improve their homes. Taking on projects in the kitchen such as installing cabinets in Palm Desert will not only breathe new life into the home but also give a fresh, enhanced look. JCD Construction provides essential tips when taking on the new home venture.

Step 1: Hire a Contractor
While you may be able to read or view online the instructions regarding installing new cabinets, it is always best to hire a contractor. The professional help will have all of the necessary knowledge that is needed to not only perform the project but also give it a nice finish look. As with all contractors, you will need to perform the necessary background check on your contractor. Reviewing includes reading the online reviews, asking for referrals, and also seeing if the person is certified and licensed. Before you start any project, including a kitchen, remodel, you will need to have everything in writing. This will eliminate any confusion in regards to what you want to be performed at your house.

Step 2: Always Follow Your Cabinet Instructions
As with any project, some instructions will come with your new cabinets. Do not start by automatically performing demolition on your previous cabinets or shelves. Most manufacturers will recommend that you start out by finding the high spot which the previous components can help you establish as they are already installed and should be equal. After you make your mark of significance, you can now take down the previous cabinets and begin installing. The first recommended tip is to start with the corner and highest cabinets first as they can help keep things level.

Step 3: Make sure not to cause any damage when removing old components
You will want to take extra precaution when demolishing or removing old cabinets as they may cause potential damage to the wall making it harder for the new project.

Step 4: Ensure That There is Enough Support For Your New Cabinets
If you have bypassed the other tips in this article, when you get to this step of the installation process, you will realize that this is truly a two person project (Make sure to bring in a contractor). When putting in the actual cabinet, you will be able to have the additional help keep the component still as you nail into the wall. For the real assembly support itself, you should get a ledger board to help keep everything aligned. Once you are finished, you will be able to remove the ledger board.

Installing cabinets is just one of the many things Coachella Valley Construction brings to the table. With over twenty years experience, taking a project of this magnitude will be an easy task for us. Contact our specialist today to learn how we can assist with your kitchen cabinet installation.