Avoiding Water Damage in Palm Desert

Avoid Water Damage in Palm Desert

BestPlaces.net estimates that the city of Palm Desert is expected to have an average of twenty days of rain per year. While the beautiful city may not see much precipitation, there is still always the potential for both interior and exterior water damage in Palm Desert homes. Below we list preventative measures that you can take to avoid any water damage.

  1. Make sure to the elements outside of your home.

To avoid water damage in Palm Desert you will want to maintain your gutters by cleaning them twice a year. If you notice holes while clearing out the gutters, it is important to have them fixed immediately to prevent water from seeping into your beautiful home. While clearing the drains out, check your downspout to see if any of the rain caused any damage or blockages. Check your surroundings to make sure trees aren’t affecting your home such as low hanging branches or thick roots.

  1. Perform a routine maintenance check on your appliances.

Observe and see if appliances like your refrigerator and laundry unit are in proper working condition and do not have any leaks. Review the manufacturer’s instructions and if there are any issues, work to resolve them quickly as both water damage and mold damage could occur. Performing maintenance checks also includes performing necessary upgrades such as changing out the hoses connected to your laundry machine.

  1. Install floor pans under your appliances.

Flook pans help to eliminate water leaking from your major appliances such as your oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. You can also install floor pans for your bathroom; however, you like the rest of your home, you will want to make sure you keep up the maintenance of your pans as they can wear down potentially.

  1. Maintain normal water pressure levels.

You can check your water pressure by purchasing a gauge from your local hardware store. The average PSI (Pressure System Indicator) for a home has a range of 40-70 psi. The Spruce gives a detailed explanation of how to use the gauge and also how to check the water pressure correctly.

  1. Check all of the floor caulking in your home.

It is possible that your caulking has worn down allowing for water to seep causing potential damage. Being observant and knowing your surroundings will allow you to take action much faster should any issues arise in your home. Caulking is located around your sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower.

While the climate of Palm Desert does not usually call for rain, there is still great potential for your home to be affected by water damage. It is necessary that you take proper precaution, to not only avoid water damage but to also solve the issue if damage has been caused. Coachella Valley Construction has over twenty years experience in the water damage restoration industry. Call us today to learn how we can assist with your fixing the damage in your home.











Roofing in Palm Desert

Best Roofing in Palm Desert

In the beautiful city of Palm Desert, homeowners are fortunate to feature five common types of roofing in Palm Desert: asphalt, metal, wood, clay, and slate. If roofing is part of your home remodeling project, it is important that you that you are aware of things such as the materials that are needed for the project. While it is always recommended that you consult a contractor for projects of this scale, we provide the essentials that you must follow for any roofing in Palm Desert project.

Before deciding if you need to get a new roof or not, you should establish the remaining health. Your contractor will have the proper knowledge and can estimate how much longer your roof can survive in the desert city. Each type of roof has their own expected lifespan. It is said that Asphalt usually lasts 15 years while roofs that are architecturally based usually last for 30 years.

Make sure you know how the roof contributes to your attic, ventilation, and insulation. Even the smallest thing such as color selection will have a major impact on insulation. Choosing darker colors will help in the winter as it will allow elements such as snow to melt if it forms due to the heat absorption. The color also helps to reflect light if the right color is chosen.

Make sure you remain protected during the entire process of installing your new roof. Hazard falls are common with these projects if the right precautions are not taken. You should also make sure your possessions such as your car are protected as you will need to move them from your driveway and/or curb to down the street.

As discussed before, having a contractor on site can eliminate the headache of dealing with the city to receive approval for your new roof. They will be able to obtain permits must faster along with having the general knowledge of what is necessary to complete a project like this. They will also make sure the area is maintained in terms of your home and the help that is hired.

Installing a new roof on your home is a project that should never be taken alone. Coachella Valley Construction has over twenty years experience providing assistance as general home contractors. Our company has established relationships with not only city officials but also subcontractors that will make the roofing installation process seamless. Contact us today to learn how our group can become your contractor.

General Contractors in Palm Desert

There are multiple ways to maintain your beautiful home in the beautiful city of Palm Desert, CA. While there are plenty of projects that you can take on yourself, it is recommended for the larger projects such as adding on to your home or changing something such as the electricity or plumbing; you should seek the help of a contractor. Coachella Valley Construction provides useful tips for you to use when looking for a remodeling contractor.

Whenever beginning your remodeling project, you should start by knowing what you are working on. Some contractors offer only one type of service while others offer their customers multiple options for assistance. Once you have established what is being performed, you need to begin checking your contractor’s background. This means checking their customer reviews and also seeing what certifications they have. You will also need to know how they take payment as you should see red flags if they are only seeking cash for their services. Aside from their background, you should look into their style of communication. You will be working countless hours to achieve your vision, and you need to know that not only can take direction well but you can adequately discuss what needs to be done.

During the interview process, see what projects they have worked on in the past and see how they have satisfied their customer. Once the actual interview is over, you can verify the legitimacy by checking with the Better Business Bureau. While in the interview, you can also investigate what their process is when maintaining their job site. You also need to know how they handle the budget and running things past you for approval. Go through the interview process with the mentality that you want your project executed at the highest quality. Just because something is the lowest price does not necessarily mean that the work will show what you want. The golden rule of contracting is “You always get what you pay for.”

When you have finally decided on what contractor will be assisting you in the project, you should get everything laid out in writing. Having a written contract will protect both parties involved as everything will be detailed from the summary to what the estimated time of completion is. The agreement should also describe what the payment schedule is for the project as you should never pay for the entire project upfront.

With over twenty years experience, Coachella Valley Construction wants to make your home remodel project a reality. Our team ensures that each project is treated individually as you will never have to have any doubt about our care for you as the customer. Once you have selected our team, you in become family as we will work together to accomplish your primary goal of enhancing your beautiful home. Click here to read more about us.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your home remodel project.

Top Interview Questions to Ask a Palm Desert General Contractor

If you have a Coachella Valley construction project that needs to be tackled urgently, chances are you will need the services of a general contractor. If this is your first major project of this kind, finding the right contractor can be a daunting task. You want to work with a professional who is reliable, timely, and experienced in construction, remodeling, and damage repair in the desert areas and cities of Coachella Valley. To help you make an easier decision, we have rounded up the top 15 interview questions to ask a general contractor before hiring.

  1. Are you licensed?

Any competent general contractor should be licensed as proof of their expertise. Ask for a copy of their license and ensure that it is up to date. Being registered in the state that he/she is operating is a sign of commitment, and shows that the general contractor does not treat the job as a side hustle.

  1. Do you have insurance?

A qualified general contractor should also have both general liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. The former protects your home and properties in case of a disaster, while the latter ensures that the carpenters working on your property are covered by the company in the event of an accident. All the sub-contractors involved in your project should also carry their worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policies. Do not be shy to ask your general contractor for proof of insurance, the type of insurance they have, and the amount covered (preferably from $500,000). This will ascertain that you do not incur any reconstruction costs in the event of a natural catastrophe, for instance, a tornado.

  1. Have you ever been sued or sued anyone, operated under a different name, or declared bankruptcy before? Explain.

You can acquire this information by looking up court records. If the general contractor has had any previous legal issues, ask them to elaborate and explain how they were resolved.

  1. How long have you been in business?

Specifically servicing and catering to residents of Palm Desert. A main demographic is the elderly and surrounding cities. Ideally, you want to work with a person who is an expert in their field. Some general contractors are part time workers with very limited experience in carpentry. They have another occupation in an entirely unrelated field and tend to outsource tasks to sub-contractors while “checking in” now and then. Steer away from these kinds of people. Instead, look for a professional with at least 15 years of experience in the field, as well as a decent background in carpentry.

  1. What is the nature of your home warranty?

Be sure to ask for a written document of the company’s warranty, as opposed to a verbal agreement. Some general contractors will visit your home twice during the first year and fix any issues that may have occurred after installation due to faulty products. The most competent GCs will even come back after two years to fulfill any warranty obligations at that time.

  1. Do you provide written lien waivers?

After the project is complete, the general contractor should provide you with a legal document stating that he/she has been paid in full. The document should also include that he has waived his right to place a mechanics lien on your property.

  1. How do you conduct your billing cycle?

Most general contractors will usually ask for a down payment before starting the project (usually around 25 percent of the total asking price). A competent contractor will also have enough working capital to take care of product purchases on your behalf if the need arises. The vendors and sub-contractors working with the general contractor can be a good source of information regarding his consistency regarding bill-pay. Steer away from contractors who tend to lag in bill pay.

  1. Who will take care of the permitting process and inspections from city council?

As a general rule of thumb, it is the general contractor’s responsibility to pull permits and deal with the local building inspector and Riverside county, possibly having to make trips to the city office.

  1. Do you have any client references in Palm Desert or Coachella Valley that I can call?

The best way to determine a general contractor’s credibility is to consult his/her past clients. Be frank and specific with your questions, inquiring such things as quality of work, the level of professionalism, safety, cleanliness, timeliness, budget, and whether they fulfilled the desired goals and expectations. You can also determine your GC’s credibility by interviewing his associates, including the vendors and subcontractors.

Desert General Contractor

  1. Have you tackled a project similar to mine in the desert? What were the main challenges?

Construction is all about expertise and experience. A competent general contractor knows that every project is unique, and he/she should be able to handle complex issues to ensure that the work is completed successfully. Present any specific concerns you have with the project, and assess the GC’s reaction. If he seems nervous or anxious, he may not be the right man for the job.

  1. Who is ultimately responsible for my project while it is ongoing?

Once the general contractor takes up the job, he is ultimately responsible for any work done on your property. He should manage the project on a daily basis until completion, or assign the task to one of his full-time employees.

  1. Which method do you use to communicate with your clients? How often?

The importance of communication in construction cannot be overemphasized. The general contractor should adopt efficient and timely communication with the client to ensure the project’s success.

  1. How would you describe a typical work day during the winter’s busy season?

Since the desert cities, busiest time of the year is winter due to all of the snow birds, it is a legitimate question to ask. Let the general contractor explain his work procedure in nitty gritty details, including the measures they take to ensure safety and cleanliness in your property during construction for this time of year.

  1. How many projects are you involved with at the moment?

Working on too many projects at a time can diminish concentration and lead to undesirable results. If he/she is paired with a company, the number of projects they can handle simultaneously can be determined by their previous records.

  1. How do you ensure you are updated with current trends?

There are always new and better products being developed in the market at a given time. An excellent professional should be updated regarding industry trends, service innovations, and product introductions. They can do this by networking with other industry professionals, subscribing to industry newsletters, reading trade magazines, taking continuing education classes, and attending conferences. For information or what’s it’s like regarding a day in the life of a general contractor check this video out:

In conclusion, there is no limited number of questions you can ask a desert general contractor when it comes to hiring. Just be specific to determine whether their services and particular processes are appropriate for your project.

Hope you guys found value in this, talk soon!