Avoiding Water Damage in Palm Desert

Avoid Water Damage in Palm Desert

BestPlaces.net estimates that the city of Palm Desert is expected to have an average of twenty days of rain per year. While the beautiful city may not see much precipitation, there is still always the potential for both interior and exterior water damage in Palm Desert homes. Below we list preventative measures that you can take to avoid any water damage.

  1. Make sure to the elements outside of your home.

To avoid water damage in Palm Desert you will want to maintain your gutters by cleaning them twice a year. If you notice holes while clearing out the gutters, it is important to have them fixed immediately to prevent water from seeping into your beautiful home. While clearing the drains out, check your downspout to see if any of the rain caused any damage or blockages. Check your surroundings to make sure trees aren’t affecting your home such as low hanging branches or thick roots.

  1. Perform a routine maintenance check on your appliances.

Observe and see if appliances like your refrigerator and laundry unit are in proper working condition and do not have any leaks. Review the manufacturer’s instructions and if there are any issues, work to resolve them quickly as both water damage and mold damage could occur. Performing maintenance checks also includes performing necessary upgrades such as changing out the hoses connected to your laundry machine.

  1. Install floor pans under your appliances.

Flook pans help to eliminate water leaking from your major appliances such as your oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. You can also install floor pans for your bathroom; however, you like the rest of your home, you will want to make sure you keep up the maintenance of your pans as they can wear down potentially.

  1. Maintain normal water pressure levels.

You can check your water pressure by purchasing a gauge from your local hardware store. The average PSI (Pressure System Indicator) for a home has a range of 40-70 psi. The Spruce gives a detailed explanation of how to use the gauge and also how to check the water pressure correctly.

  1. Check all of the floor caulking in your home.

It is possible that your caulking has worn down allowing for water to seep causing potential damage. Being observant and knowing your surroundings will allow you to take action much faster should any issues arise in your home. Caulking is located around your sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower.

While the climate of Palm Desert does not usually call for rain, there is still great potential for your home to be affected by water damage. It is necessary that you take proper precaution, to not only avoid water damage but to also solve the issue if damage has been caused. Coachella Valley Construction has over twenty years experience in the water damage restoration industry. Call us today to learn how we can assist with your fixing the damage in your home.