Palm Desert Flooding Cleanup

Palm Desert Flooding Preparation

In the city of Palm Desert, the climate is scorching and humid which means that is exceedingly rare for serious flooding. While there is a high chance that you will not have to worry about the increased flow of water in the city, you should always be prepared in the off chance the flooding does occur. Coachella Valley Construction provides a list of things you should do once flooding has occurred.

Call a contractor immediately if flooding has seeped inside your home. The process alone could be very taxing and long. It is highly recommended that you bring in help to assess the damage to jump start repairing.

If you can safely clean items, you should disinfect as many items as possible. Make sure that you use a chlorine bleach solution with hot water to sanitize items such as kitchenware and utensils. If you can save furniture, you will need to work fast to make sure everything gets as dry as possible. Move larger items such as sofas, rugs, and tables outside unless you can use a portable fan and dehumidifier. Make sure to protect yourself during this process as there is a strong potential for mold to develop at this time. Things that should just be thrown away include mattresses and furniture that contains wood. Unfortunately, if your child’s toys have been affected by any of the flood waters, they should also be thrown away at this time.

Once the overall rain has stopped, if you can make your way outside, you should start by removing any mud that has potentially been contaminated and placed in your yard. Water and mud could be contaminated by numerous things such as rodent droppings and debris. The easiest way to get rid of the dirt is to utilize a garden hose.

There are certain things that you should allow trained professionals to handle such as any electrical rewiring or the changing out of any appliances. You will be able to hand clean inside of appliances as long as you protect yourself while doing it. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings. If there is any water or mud inside of your outlets, avoid it as best as possible because you may be electrocuted if you interact with it.

With over twenty years experience, JCD Construction has experience in helping families get back on their feet after flooding has occurred in their home. Make sure to contact us immediately if you have been affected by a tragedy such as flooding so that one of our licensed and trained specialists can help to resolve quickly.