Imagine walking into a picture-perfect home washroom customized to your heart’s delight. It’ll be a dream come true, right? Simply put, we’re the Palm Desert Bathroom Remodeling experts.

Coachella Valley Construction and its years of experience always help clients build the perfect shower room from top to bottom. It’s never been easier to kick start a robust restroom modernization project and know it’s going to look impeccable when everything is said and done. As a trusted general contractor and construction company in Palm Desert, our team of specialists understand the intricacies of bath renovation and will initiate a world-class project to fit all needs.

Palm Desert Bathroom Remodeling and Modern Design

With trained designers and professional specialists, we can easily blend modern style and elegant design into a seamless project. If you’re looking to modernize the look, feel and design of your shower, sauna or bath it doesn’t get any easier or worry free than working with the CVC Team.

The team will pour, sift and filter through specifications, requirements and all related information before determining and presenting options for what works best for your bath space, budget and theme details. These details will be clearly etched out and presented to you in a clear straight forward transparent format. Our services also include Kitchen Remodel, Home Additions and Extensions, Water Damage Restoration, and Roofing Services.

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Full Customization

Have sophisticated requests for a bath construction and renovation project? Each of our clients has something unique they desire in the remodel, and that’s necessary to create personalization. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and it’s time to awaken your design and shower room visions.

Managing and implementing customizations is one of many of our specialties. Looking to complete a home addition by adding a bathroom? Read about our experience in the Palm Desert home additions and extensions industry. 

The CVC team is going to pen every detail of your current shower, bath, toilet and sink setup and highlight and present a couple of arrangement proposals that can refresh and bring life to any home.

Quality Materials

All the materials we use in the construction and renovation process are handpicked for durability and quality. We like to select materials made to last and able to withstand constant daily use.

We’ve spent years establishing relationships with suppliers of high-grade materials all over the Coachella Valley who have proven quality aesthetics and overall durability for all of our clients.

Client Centric

Tired of speaking to flaky unreliable contractors, you know the ones that are unwilling to adjust based on your needs and project specifics.

Quality, professionalism, and impeccable customer service are the most important steps towards building a meaningful lasting relationship with our clientele.

Attention to Detail

Want a particular bathtub or shower style in mind? What about the color scheme and flooring? We’ll nail down and document each detail. It’s time to go with a trusted team willing to put time into each of your request details ensuring the project is elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Our work ethic is second to none, and each client receives the same attention regardless of how large or small their project budget is. Our quality control process remains consistent and the same for all. We look at bath, shower room, washroom and sauna construction and design as art. Let Coachella Valley Construction create your masterpiece.

To inquire about your washroom modernization project in Palm Desert, all you have to do is call and speak with a trained representative to get started. The perfect upgrade and redesign is a phone call away. We’ll initiate a full free consultation along with a review of your requirements.

Our clients trust us for home construction and renovations. Have confidence your project will be built to look impeccable and have the intricate qualities you desire. To read Consumer Report’s information on the Do’s and Don’t’s of Bathroom remodeling, upgrades and renovation click here.

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