Palm Springs Senior Bathtub Install

Senior Bathtub Installations for Palm Springs

When remodeling your bathroom, you should consider the age of the person that will be utilizing the bathroom. There are toilets, sinks, and tubs that can be made specifically for each age. JCD Construction provides a short list of things to consider for a senior bathtub installation in Palm Springs.

Make Sure You Pick The Highest Quality in Tubs
As with everything in your home, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right tub; however, it doesn’t mean that all choices are the right decisions. You will need to start off by selecting a bathtub that is leak-proof. If you believe that you cannot perform an inspection on your own, then it is best to enlist the assistance of a contractor immediately.

Picking The Right Contractor for the Job
When deciding to bring on assistance for your home project, you should always do background research on the selected contractor. They need to be licensed and also have a vast knowledge with installing bathtubs. Make sure to always get everything in writing from how long the project should take all the way to the final cost.

Consider The Elements In Your Bathroom and How They Affect Size
When bringing in new items such as the tub, you will need to think about how it will influence the overall bathroom. For seniors, there is a need for space in the bathrooms as everything will need to be accessible. The last thing you will want to do is make things hard to reach for the person who will be utilizing the restroom the most. Contemplate changing things like the toilet and raising its height, or change out the flooring to make sure it’s not too slippery.

Consider Installing Senior-Friendly Elements
As we discussed earlier, there are plenty of options for your bathtub such as what type of faucet you will use for the actual tub or even the shower head. Since this will be a tub for a senior citizen, you should consider installing bars and rails for easy access and use. If need be, consider installing a curbless tub for those who do not have mobility in the legs.

JCD Construction has twenty-five plus years experience in home remodeling. Our specialists are licensed and trained in ensuring that any home, kitchen or bathroom remodel job is completed the right way. We can help choose the right elements for your bathroom along with installing each component correctly. Contact our specialist today so that we can contribute to begin your home project.